taemin’s precious reaction when he won music bank; 14.8.29

Of course, for Taemin, I am able to go anywhere. - Minho

Minho talking about how he gives Taemin confidence..


please let Taemin win at Mucore and Minho to announce his name and then give him a warm hug and show the world how he’s Taemin’s biggest fanboy!

Taemin forever imitating Minho XD



You'll be fine,I promise I'll take care of you.

 this is boy btw ^^ ahahah 

Anonymous asked:
Why is today 2min's anniversary?

okay in every 2Min anniversary day 

some on must ask me this Q 

well its was the DAY when SHINee was on RADIO 2008 


the DJs asked them “If you were a girl, which shinee member would you like to date?”

Minho said Taemin because he’s cute.

then they asked Taemin and he chose Minho because he’s flaming charisma.

after that day, 2Min shippers make it as 2Min day ~ 

that why its 2Min anniv day ~