46/ photos of Choi Minho.

Taemin’s aegyo feat. Minho who really wants to see it.

Anonymous asked:
Hey! Where do u usually watch your animes ?? Know a good site?

hmmm not a Certain site 

but the best sites with HD quality 



and if the Anime is new for sure on YouTube u can find it ^^ before its get delete it ~ 

Aegyo battle: Taemin vs. Hyunmoo

I've decided I want you, Ryouma.

i am so happy there will be an ova

Th-That wasn't... I didn't mean to make that sound...

om nom nom nom!


140911- The Ultimate Group

MC: who is the pretties and the most adorable member ?

Minho: From 2008 until now, It’s still Taemin.

I can sense that they are holding hands XD



Downtown Baby <teaser>

sexyminho pt. 2 

fuck u bb